Lifestyle Packaging develop and manufacture unique custom packaging solutions

Our custom packaging design and unique market-leading supply chain will make you stand out from your competition.


CBD Bottles, Caps & Atomisers

We supply market-leading CBD packaging. We offer an extensive range of child-resistant containers. Browse our products to find the perfect solution for your brand.

E Liquid / Vape Bottles & Caps

We manufacture cleanroom produced plastic bottles for the Vape industry. Supported by our compliant child resistant closures and market-leading knowledge in CR vape devices.

Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Packaging

We produce a range of glass and plastic containers for the aromatherapy market – matching them with dropper pipettes and closures.

Diffuser & Candle Packaging

We supply a comprehensive range of glass containers for the home fragrance market. Take a look at our home fragrance glassware.

Glass Perfume Bottles & Fragrance Packaging

We supply a range of containers and atomisers for the personal fragrance industry. Browse our great selection of containers and closures for fragrance products.

Cosmetic Packaging

We have a unique selection of plastic and glass containers for body care products. Take a look at our range of bottles and jars for your body care brand.

Skincare Packaging

We have developed a range of plastic and glass containers for the skincare industry. Browse our selection of bottles and jars for your skincare brand.

Custom Bottle Design Custom Bottle Design

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Packaging Design From Sketch To Shelf

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Product Design and Development

Custom packaging design is crucial to keep you ahead of your competitors. Work with our packaging technologists to create your bespoke design today.

Product Design & Development

Decoration & Labelling

We encourage creativity when it comes to bottle and closure decoration. We deliver a range of printing techniques to create visually appealing packaging – enhancing your brand in a competitive marketplace.

Hybrid Packaging Partner

Changing the face of the traditional packaging supply chain


Choose a standard or
create a custom bottle


Add packaging decoration
and labelling


We will stock hold and
distribute for you


Delivering direct to
your filling site

We continue to innovate the packaging supply chain on a global level. We deliver all supply chain services: design, manufacture and management. Lifestyle Packaging has the capacity to take your packaging project from concept to completion in record speeds – improving the profitability of your product launch.