Lifestyle Packaging develop and manufacture unique custom packaging solutions

Our custom packaging design and unique market-leading supply chain will make you stand out from your competition.


CBD Packaging

We supply market-leading CBD packaging. We offer an extensive range of child-resistant containers. Browse our products to find the perfect solution for your brand.

E Liquid / Vape Packaging

We manufacture cleanroom produced plastic bottles for the Vape industry. Supported by our compliant child resistant closures and market-leading knowledge in CR vape devices.

Aromatherapy Packaging

We produce a range of glass and plastic containers for the aromatherapy market – matching them with dropper pipettes and closures.

Home Fragrance Packaging

We supply a comprehensive range of glass containers for the home fragrance market. Take a look at our home fragrance glassware.

Personal Fragrance Packaging

We supply a range of containers and atomisers for the personal fragrance industry. Browse our great selection of containers and closures for fragrance products.

Bodycare Packaging

We have a unique selection of plastic and glass containers for bodycare products. Take a look at our range of bottles and jars for your bodycare brand.

Skincare Packaging

We have developed a range of plastic and glass containers for the skincare industry. Browse our selection of bottles and jars for your skincare brand.


Lifestyle Packaging are packaging industry leaders. Our expertise covers design, strategic manufacturing and packaging supply chains. Our expert team work with global companies in a range of industries to create new solutions, drive costs down and deliver an effective packaging supply chain.


Product Design and Development

Custom packaging design is crucial to keep you ahead of your competitors. Work with our packaging technologists to create your bespoke design today.


Decoration & Labelling

We encourage creativity when it comes to bottle and closure decoration. We deliver a range of printing techniques to create visually appealing packaging – enhancing your brand in a competitive marketplace.

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