New BioPac Jar – Biodegradable PET Bottles for Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

27th October 2020

Revolutionary BioPac Sustainable Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements PET Bottles. The BioPac formula plastic biodegrades 100-200 times faster than the lifespan of plastic! Annually, over 300 million tons of plastic is produced - now BioPac offers a sustainable solution for VMS jars.

BioPac biodegradable plastic VMS bottle

Introducing BioPac: Latest addition to the Lifestyle packaging range.

Brief introduction:

  • BioPac VMS Packaging is a new range of fully biodegradable jars.
  • 100% biodegradable PET bottles.
  • Define your brand through bespoke colour, opacity, and size of jar.

And in full:

All New BioPac Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements PET Bottles

The BioPac Formula produced plastic that degrades 100-200 times faster than the lifespan of plastic!

  • Annually, over 300 million tons of plastic is produced globally with nutraceuticals contributing to some of this plastic usage.
  • BioPac offers a sustainable solution for packaging vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS).

In searching for an improvement to nutraceutical packaging, the New Product Development team at Lifestyle found a solution to help plastic biodegrade more quickly by adding BioPac to the plastic in manufacturing.

BioPac Formula

BioPAC is a revolutionary formula resulting in packaging with the properties of plastic that biodegrades in a fraction of the lifespan of PET plastic.

The formula allows acids, secreted naturally by microbes, to soften the macromolecules in plastic. These microbes are then able to consume the macromolecules, resulting in much faster biodegradation occurring.

In contrast to other biodegradable materials, this formula DOES NOT require UV or temperature of above 50 degrees Celsius to work.

In anaerobic systems, such as landfills, the plastic is turned into CH4, CO2, biomass, and water. In aerobic systems, such as compost facilities, CO2, biomass, and water are produced.

BioPac plastic remains recyclable for other uses where accepted by the local recycling schemes. BioPac plastic consists of the special formulation to allow biodegrade in compost, marine (ocean) and landfill environments. The plastic is broken down by over 600 different microbes that are found in these environments.

BioPac Biodegradable VMS Jars

BioPac PET Bottles are now available in a variety of size, colour and transparency. Click here to view full details on the product page.

Manufactured at Lifestyle’s dedicated UK filling site, BioPac Bottles are ready to configure and order.

Applications for BioPac Biodegradable PET Bottles

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Supplements

Top Questions

How Can BioPac PET Bottles be Customised?

  • Branding: develop your range of VMS packaging with your brand colour and labelling. Coloured jars have connotations such as green for sustainable, amber to mimic the traditional pharmaceutical packaging design.
  • Size: available jar sizes cover 100-500ml or work with our team for your bespoke requirements (MOQ applies)
  • Choose screw or hinge cap for best dispensing of your product.

What Does it Cost?

Prices for BioPac are determined by the product size and quantity. Contact us about your specific project.

Where is BioPac manufactured?

BioPac is manufactured at Lifestyle’s dedicated UK facilities and available for distribution globally.

How does BioPac PET differ from other biodegradable plastic?

The BioPac additive does not change the physical properties of the plastic. This enabling products to maintain their normal shelf life and tensile strength, whilst benefitting from enhanced biodegradation.

Is BioPac Compliant with Quality Standards?

  • The BioPac formula is food safe and has been tested to several international standards:
  • For anaerobic systems this includes ASTM D5526 & ASTM D5511
  • For aerobic systems this includes ASTM D5338/ISO 17088.

Where to Purchase?

Configure BioPac PET Bottles for your product with the Lifestyle Packaging team:, email or speak to the team on +44 (0)1482 638380 during office hours.