The Covid Consumer: How is packaging being changed for good?

No denying: Covid-19 has changed a lot of things. For businesses, this has meant that we have had to look at the way we do business. Not only have we had to consider how we…

No denying: Covid-19 has changed a lot of things. For businesses, this has meant that we have had to look at the way we do business. Not only have we had to consider how we interact amongst ourselves and with clients, but we have also had to look at the entire supply chain too. We are likely to see significant change in the postal packaging area of our companies as well, with more emphasis placed on both hygiene and environmental awareness. Let’s discuss the changes might expect to see to packaging as a result of this.

Packaging to deliver parcels through the letterbox has become more popular

Sustainable packaging

One thing that COVID-19 has taught us is that we need to focus more on future-proofing our businesses and improving business continuity. This is leading a lot of brands towards recyclable glass options and the reduction of single use plastics. This is something that you should seriously consider. Is it important to ensure that your business is prepared for the future, as consumers are also increasingly conscious of these factors, you need to be too! Many markets have seen a change in the volume of products being supplied wholesale to being used in home settings, impacting the type of products chosen by the consumer.

Change of workplace

It is also important to consider the fact that more people are now working from home than ever before. There have been significant changes to the way in which we all go about our daily lives, and this needs to be considered. In the past, customers who may have used Click and Collect services or picked up items in person are now having these items delivered to their home, therefore bringing emphasis to postal packaging.

It is important to consider your packaging for home delivery carefully. When possible, look to fit products through the letterbox, as this will ensure that no contact is required between the delivery driver and the person receiving the parcel. This also allows products to be delivered with the regular post, helping to ensure a positive customer experience with clients receiving products quickly and efficiently.

Sustainable and post-friendly packaging options are readily available for all types of products – liquid, gel, creams and tablets. Choose with care to ensure your packaging reflects your values and delivers the items safely to the user.

Increased healthy and safety awareness

Staying safe with personal sanitiser and hygiene is another factor that brands need to consider when it comes to packaging their parcels. It is important to make sure that you have plenty of personal sanitiser around the warehouse so that all parcels are packaged as safely as possible. We will probably see that most businesses need to address their health and safety policies in order to adhere to the newest recommendations regarding Covid-19, and this is something that is definitely going to have an impact on the way that you handling the packaging requirements at your company.

To conclude, the impact of Covid-19 has been enormous on businesses all around the world, and there are still many changes to come. One way that your business can stay ahead of the game is by assessing the different facets of your company that could be impacted by the pandemic, as well as putting provisions in place to respond and be prepared. From eco-friendly and sustainable packaging to items that fit through the letterbox; there are several ways that you can ensure you are reacting in the right way to the coronavirus pandemic.

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