This year – your best summer ever?

31st May 2022

Summer is a fantastic time of the year because it allows us to enjoy some wonderful things that are unique to the season. We get to have long and sunny days that are full of…

Summer is a fantastic time of the year because it allows us to enjoy some wonderful things that are unique to the season. We get to have long and sunny days that are full of warmth and joy, and we’re also encouraged to exercise more because we get to spend more time outdoors with our friends and family members enjoying some unique activities.

It is also by far the most popular holiday period of the year. Many of us feel like we don’t get enough time with our friends and family members during a busy year, so we like to plan holidays for the summer so that we can meet up with distant loved ones and just enjoy ourselves.

However, with that said, we also need to take care of ourselves in the summer because there are responsibilities that are unique to this time of the year. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some helpful tips to help you stay safe this summer while still ensuring that you get to have plenty of fun.

What health concerns should you look out for in summer?

While summer is a fantastic time of the year to head out and enjoy life, you also need to be careful about how you look after your body during this time. With summer comes increased temperatures and potentially drier days. You might even see more bugs as a result of the hot weather, and you might have a higher tendency to drink copious amounts of alcohol in celebration or even eat more unhealthy foods at parties.

So here are some of the biggest health concerns that you should consider when it comes to the summer months.

Skin-related conditions

Last but not least, skin-related conditions are a huge concern as well when it comes to summer. This can be from heat rash which is patches of red skin that are caused by excessive humidity and heat. It could also lead to clogged sweat glands which can exacerbate the problem further. However, perhaps the most important thing to look out for when it comes to skin-related conditions is being more aware of ultraviolet rays.

UV rays can cause many harmful effects on the body and we’re exposed to them whenever we go outside. It’s important to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 wherever you go outside. Covering up your skin from exposure to the sun can also help, and wearing a wide hat will also reduce the chances of you suffering a skin-related condition.


Perhaps the biggest health concern to look out for is dehydration. Hot summer months mean that we’re going to sweat more and that leads to dehydration. This can cause you to feel dizzy, it can make you irritable, and it’ll give you a dry mouth if you don’t continue to sip water. These types of incidents are very common during the summer months if you’re not careful, so make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated.


Another common issue you might face in summer is heatstroke. This occurs when your body is unable to stay cool when it’s exposed to high temperatures. This can lead to nausea or even a loss of consciousness if you’re not careful.

Alcohol consumption

Summer is a time when we like to party and have fun with our friends. This can often lead to an increased volume of alcohol consumption which can be dangerous to the body. Not only does alcohol itself pose a threat (especially if you drink too much!) but it can actually accelerate dehydration, leading to the problems above in addition to all of the bad things that alcohol can cause. In other words, make sure that you’re mindful of how much alcohol you drink in hot weather.

Food safety

Many people don’t realize it, but food safety actually becomes a difficult matter to consider when it comes to summer because there’s a good chance that food might deteriorate faster when it’s left in higher temperatures. For example, if you have to store food, then make sure it’s kept in a working fridge, otherwise, bacteria growth might accelerate due to higher temperatures and humid environments.

Food safety is especially important when you start to cook outdoors on a grill for barbecues and other events. Make sure everything is cooked thoroughly and don’t just assume that something is cooked because of the colour. Always check that items such as chicken are properly cooked before being served.

Regular exercise

Lastly, regular exercise becomes somewhat of a habit during the summer because a lot of us tend to go outside to meet with friends or attend events. However, it’s important to remember that we still need to be safe when we exercise outdoors.

Since the temperatures are higher, we have to make sure that we’re drinking plenty of water because we’ll likely sweat more. It’s also a good idea to include more activities that are shaded, such as indoor workouts or even working out at night if you find that the heat is too much during the day. We’d also recommend that you watch your clothing. While it’s tempting to wear less, you have to remember that you need to cover up your skin or at least use sunscreen to ensure that it’s not affected by UV rays.


While the summer is a perfect opportunity to go out, meet friends, and enjoy life, you should remember that you also need to be safe during this time. Make sure you’re watching your health, don’t neglect things such as food safety, and stay hydrated at all times so that you don’t risk the adverse health effects of summer. As long as you are aware of these dangers, you’ll have a much healthier and more enjoyable summer.

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