Child Resistant Packaging

As a creative solution provider, Lifestyle Packaging is a global leader in the ongoing development of child-resistant design and manufacturing processes for primary packaging in the CBD & Vape industries. 

Whether it’s a new format of packaging container or a closure design, Lifestyle Packaging will work with you closely and offer expert guidance every step of the way, thereby ensuring that your brand is strengthened by a top-of-the-line child-resistant packaging design that keeps little ones safe.

Child Resistant Packaging

Leading the way

We are a leading company in specialised containers and closures with F1 status. Our 55 years of experience ensure that your bespoke design will surpass official testing and match regulations within your industry.
We manage the full process of design, from testing via 3D printing to ensure the CR mechanism is valid and commercially viable, to real-time testing via Lifestyle’s dedicated testing centre.

Hazardous Products In the Domestic Home

Medicinal Liquids Medicinal Liquids
Blister Pack Tablets Blister Pack Tablets
Hemp Hemp
Dishwasher Tablets Dishwasher Tablets
CBD Oils CBD Oils
Bleach Liquids Bleach Liquids

Medicinal Liquids

Hazardous Threat

Liquid medicines are the most common threat to children in the home. There were over 17,000 liquid medicine ingestions in the US in 2017. This shows that children are still susceptible to consuming medicines and are not being protected from potentially fatal substances.

Blister Pack Tablets

Hazardous Threat

Children automatically think ‘sweets’ when they see a blister pack on the side and so making blister packs safer for children will always be a priority.


Hazardous Threat

A hemp plant looks like a garden plant to a child's eye. As more hemp-based products emerge onto the market, we have to become more vigilant in ensuring we store them away from budding green-fingered children.

Dishwasher Tablets

Hazardous Threat

Those little tablets that keep our plates and cups clean are a big threat to the safety of children. Major dishwasher tablet manufacturers are still not designing packs to protect children from the daily threat of consumption.

CBD Oils

Hazardous Threat

Cannabidiol oils are becoming very popular within the health and wellbeing market. They are readily available and a threat to children. We have a range of child-resistant pipettes that can make your CBD product CR compliant.

Bleach Liquids

Hazardous Threat

The bleach market has become very conscious in ensuring products are secure and safe from inquisitive hands. The classic double action to squeeze and turn has been widely adopted. Here at Lifestyle we have worked with a range of industries from e-liquids to batteries to create compliant CR designs.

It is a specific requirement for harmful substances to be securely stored in packaging that prevents access by children. Lifestyle produces packaging that goes beyond BSEN ISO 8317 and 16 CFR 1700 within Europe and the United States. These global standards guarantee your newly designed packaging conforms to MHRA and FDA regulatory guidelines. Our packaging gives you the clinical edge.

We have heavily invested in our Child Safe New Product Development team. This ensures we maintain our reputation as thought leaders in this area of packaging. We work alongside major stakeholders, such as the Child Safe Packaging Group and other influential bodies. Lifestyle develops solutions that are up to date with the latest child safety specifications.

We have a passion and a global duty of care to protect young ones. We will always strive to achieve the highest quality when it comes to packaging harmful substances.

If your next project requires the highest calibre of child-resistant design, working with Lifestyle Packaging is a savvy decision.

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When it comes to protecting children from harmful substances, Lifestyle has expert knowledge in child-resistant design.

Do you have a responsibility to ensure your product is in a secure child-resistant bottle or container? If you need a child-resistant packaging expert, we are here to help

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