Custom Bottle Design

Lifestyle Packaging has a team dedicated to new product development. We create British designed packaging produced for global corporations and SME companies.

We have 55 years of experience in creative thinking, industrialising and developing pioneering packaging for a range of industries, enabling concept design to become commercial reality.

We have in-depth knowledge when it comes to developing, pioneering packaging for a range of industries. We enable concept design to become commercial reality.

Our design team thrives off innovative thinking to create next-generation ideas. We collaborate with your team to generate the ideal specifications to ensure that we achieve your desired commercial outcomes.


Concept Development

Lifestyle Packaging has a dedicated process that brings together analysis, research and development. This ensures the design is commercially viable for your product launch.

From concept planning to production, we deliver a robust blueprint for success Our 55 years of experience removes any regulatory issues that may come from commercialising packaging.

3D Modelling

As part of our process, we execute 3D renders to see if there are any tweaks that are necessary within the design.

The 3D modelling process allows us to collaborate on the feasibility, durability and potential performance of your packaging design if it went to production.

This gives you an opportunity to create new formations and shapes. We can even introduce your brand onto your primary packaging – allowing you to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Our process allows you to optimise your design, ensuring you’re saving materials and costs.


3D Printing

Once we have generated a 3D model of your desired design, we go to the 3D printing stage. Using our state-of-the-art 3D printing machines, we transform your design into reality within minutes.

We have recently invested in 3D printing to ensure that you do not lose thousands of pounds rectifying tooling which has gone to pilot stage. 3D printing enables you to make tweaks to your design, giving you the confidence that it is robust before going to commercial tooling.

Knowing and understanding the specific material to take your design to full-scale commercial manufacturing is a priority. Our New Product Development team will advise on the correct material and the most applicable manufacturing technique.

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