Custom Packaging Design
From Sketch To Shelf

Lifestyle Packaging have a dedicated team of Packaging Technologists, who create British designed packaging that is robustly produced for global corporations and SME companies.

We have over 60 years of creative thinking, industrialising and pioneering packaging for a range of industries. Enabling concept design to become commercial reality.

We collaborate with your team to generate the ideal specification and formation, to ensure that we achieve your desired commercial outcomes.

Our design team thrive off new-thinking to create next generation ideas and utilise laser-focus strategies and feasibility execution to select the right idea, for commercial success.

4D Process


Lifestyle Packaging technologist will collaborate with you and utilise the dedicated process that brings together analysis, research and development. This ensures the design is commercially viable for your product launch.

From concept planning (sketch) to production (delivering to the shelf), we deliver a robust blueprint for your brand’s success through custom packaging design. Generating a range of conceptual ideas via mood boards and creative meetings to develop your desired packaging concept. Our experience in packaging development removes any regulatory issues that may come from commercialising packaging.


Once we have worked at the sketch stage we begin to conceptualise the idea into 3D visualisation and commence the initial stages of prototyping.

At this stage it allows you and the packaging team to create new shapes, new edges and introducing your branding to the primary packaging surface, brand colours and decoration techniques required to create that custom design affiliated to your brand.

The process also analyse materials and how those materials could potentially be removed and enhance your sustainability pledges.

3D Print

Once we have generated a 3D model of your desired design, we go to the 3D printing stage. Using our state-of-the-art 3D printing machines, we transform your design into reality within minutes.

We have recently invested in 3D printing to ensure that you do not lose thousands of pounds rectifying tooling which has gone to pilot stage. 3D printing enables you to make tweaks to your design, giving you the confidence that it is robust before going to commercial tooling.


Once you are satisfied with the final design via 3D print, we will commence the stage of ‘cutting tooling’ in our dedicated workshops.

We design the mould which will be approved by our packaging production team before sending the design to the mould makers.


Once the mould has been cut and created, we are ready to begin commercial production of your bottle.

At this stage we take your bottle and treat it with the decoration that was determined in the initial stages of the packaging development process. Take a look at our dedicated decoration page to understand more about our capabilities.

DELIVER – Commercial Production

Once your packaging comes off the commercial line, they are thoroughly inspected and signed off by our in-house quality team

We then deliver to anywhere across the globe to your filling site.

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