Lotion Bottle Pumps

Lifestyle Packaging supplies airless pumps for the skincare and bodycare industries. Our packaging technologists work with a range of skincare and bodycare companies. Lifestyle helps them to create their perfect custom airless pump designs, matching their brand colours and style.

Benefit from doing business with a company whose production facilities are fully audited. We are a bulk supplier in the UK with a sales team that’s focused on the European market. Contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's inside a lotion pump and how does it work?

In a lotion pump, the product is drawn up through a dip tube by spring action in the top. The space in the container is replaced by air coming back in through the top.

What is a lotion pump?

A lotion pump is used to dispense thicker liquids such as cream and lotion from a bottle.

Can you use a lotion pump for soap?

A lotion pump can be used for soap that has a similar viscosity to cream and lotion.

Why do lotion pumps stop working?

If a lotion pump stops working, it may be clogged or the spring broken, or internal seals may fail.

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