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Lifestyle Packaging is a pioneer in e-liquid and vape packaging. We specialise in the design and manufacture of child-resistant e-liquid containers. Many major e-liquid manufacturers are partnering with Lifestyle to deliver supply chains that comply with regulation as we are leading the way with cleanroom manufactured bottles.

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin are two prominent ingredients in e-liquids. These can affect the bottle and nozzle if the correct design and material are not utilised. Our packaging technologists have selected the right PET and polypropylene polymers for optimum results.

The final major element of e-liquids is nicotine. Lifestyle are child-resistant packaging experts – our bottle and cap designs meet 16 CFR 1700.20 specifications. That’s why we are now the go-to packaging company for all vape packaging.

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Wholesale Supplier and Manufacturer of E-Liquid Bottles & Caps

We manufacture and supply high-quality bottles for e-liquids. Available in recycled plastic and glass, our bottles are quality compliant for use with many products including supplements.

Dropper bottles and plastic jars are available in a range of colours for functionality and aesthetics. Some colours of glass are particularly beneficial in protecting the product from UV rays. Certain qualities of vitamins, minerals and supplements can deteriorate due to exposure to sunlight, therefore protective packaging such as amber glass or opaque packaging is beneficial.

Quality Standards

Sister company to Origin Pharmaceutical Packaging, Lifestyle Packaging has an extensive quality team to ensure a strong supply chain and excellent quality compliance processes throughout manufacturing, storage and supply. Our products are supported with quality documentation including Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Compliance.


Our containers are available in a range of sizes, with appropriate closures for a variety of applications also available from UK stock. We work closely with customers to forecast stock usage and ensure availability when required.

Caps & Closures

Our bottles are supplied wholesale in sealed packaging. Caps for these bottles are both tamper evidence and child-resistant. The caps can be supplied with the nozzle already in the cap, improving efficiencies when filling bottles for the closure to be screwed on.


Our sample service is complementary ahead of going live with your project. To ensure the packaging is compatible with your product and filling machinery, contact us for samples to run a line trial and ensure your new product launch is successful.