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Lifestyle Packaging is a UK wholesale volume supplier of high-quality glass dropper bottles and pipettes. These can be used for CBD, aromatherapy, cosmetics and food storage. The dropper bottles are manufactured to industry-leading standard and are available in a range of sizes.

We offer all types of glass dropper bottles. They come in a choice of colours – amber, blue, clear and green glass – and a range of shapes. All our dropper bottles are available with the standard GL18 neck size and a selection of leak proof closures and dispensers. Child-proof and tamper evident closures can also be added to your order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you package glass bottles?

Packaging glass bottles for transport is important to ensure no breakage in delivery; if packaging more than one glass bottle with another, they should not be loose enough to bump together otherwise there is the risk of them chipping or cracking in transit.

Is it better to package in glass or plastic bottles?

Choose your bottle depending on the purposes of your product packaging – consider how the product will be dispensed, what contact materials are compatible with your product, how environmentally sustainable the packaging and your product branding.

What do numbers on the bottom of glass bottles mean?

Markings on the bottom of glass bottles are called ‘punt marks’; they often refer to the production details such as mould identifier or the volume of liquid the bottle will hold.

Is glass packaging eco friendly?

Glass is made from sustainable, natural resources and is recyclable infinitely without waste material, however the process of manufacturing and recycling glass also takes a lot of resources and energy.

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