Measuring Devices

Lifestyle Packaging manufactures and supplies dose measuring devices. These include measuring cups, spoons and syringes to dispense medicines in different forms.

We supply CE marked devices and ingestion aids. Our measuring spoons are compliant with BS 3221:6 and our oral dosing syringes with BS 3221:7.

Lifestyle’s liquid measuring devices help to administer medicine orally. Dosing syringes, spoons or measuring cups measure health products such as cough syrup, medicinal preparations and allergy medications.

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Wholesale Supplier and Manufacturer of Measuring Devices

We supply high-quality packaging for liquid, cream, balm and powder. Available in recycled material, our bottles are quality compliant for use with many products including supplements.

Glass bottles and jars are available in a range of colours for functionality and aesthetics. Some colours of glass are particularly beneficial in protecting the product from UV rays. Certain qualities of products can deteriorate due to exposure to sunlight, therefore protective packaging such as amber glass or opaque packaging is beneficial.


Glass containers can be decorated to suit your desired look using a range of decoration techniques. Keeping our supply chain within Europe allows quality and lead times to be managed to a high level.


Our containers are available in a range of sizes, with appropriate closures for a variety of applications including measured dosage. Also available from UK stock. We work closely with customers to forecast stock usage and ensure availability when required.

Caps & Closures

Additional features that may be added to containers include tamper evidence and child resistance. Liners can be applied to jars to both heat or pressure sensitive to add provide an appropriate contact material or provide assurance to the end-user that the product contained has not been tampered with.

Our bottles are supplied wholesale in sealed packaging, usually without caps. Choose the perfect closure or dispenser to suit your product,  whether aluminium cap, pipette, pump or atomiser spray. Features of tamper evidence or child-resistant can also be included, or measurements to assist with a measured dosage of the product.

Quality Control

Sister company to Origin Pharmaceutical Packaging, Lifestyle Packaging has an extensive quality team to ensure a strong supply chain and excellent quality compliance processes throughout manufacturing, storage and supply. Our products are supported with quality documentation including Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Compliance.


If you are looking to offer a single dose of your product – whether for testers, samples or a travel pack, our Snappd sachet offers single doses to be filled at our dedicated UK filling facility. Visit to find out more.

Our Speedsample service is complementary ahead of going live with your project and delivers samples of the proposed packaging to you very quickly. To ensure the packaging is compatible with your product and filling machinery, contact us for samples to run a line trial and ensure your new product launch is successful.

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