One-hand, single dose, brandable packaging solution.


The Convenient, Single-dose Liquid Dispenser – Snappd!

Snappd is manufactured and filled at our facilities in the UK.

It has been developed to deliver a one hand, single shot solution with minimal contact when dispensing liquid.

Innovation is at the forefront of our delivery, so we are offering this neat pouch for thousands of applications providing opportunities you had not previously thought possible.

The product has a very unique dispensing mechanism to allow the user to dispense the solution with one hand in one movement. Snappd can be used in a range of environments from topical cream, to liquid into the mouth.

Snappd is a single item which opens quickly and easily with one hand.


Single touch

This single does, one hand action – means the user is the only person to touch the product thereby limiting the potential of any harmful bacteria/ virus to be transferred but also user friendly.


The Snappd capsule contains one dose of your product – up to 25ml


Whether a dose of hand sanitising gel, vitamin supplement or sample of cosmetics, Snappd allows you to cost effectively distribute a single dose of your product.

Safe, Hygenic, One Person Contact Packaging, 100% Recyclable, Any Print Design

Variety of customised Opening Functions



For precise applications, dispense of Liquid, Semi liquid Products.

Halfmoon L


High viscosity Products, Cosmetic Creams, Honey.



Powders, Granules.



Medium-high viscosity for Spread Applications.

Halfmoon S


High viscosity Products, Cosmetic Creams, Honey.

Double cut


Two-component Cosmetic Products (dual chamber function).

The Benefits

4 - side sealed Sachet
4 - side sealed Sachet
Thermoformed Cups
Thermoformed Cups
Unit dose Bottle
Unit dose Bottle
Unit dose Jars
Unit dose Jars
Single dose Strip
Single dose Strip

Brand Experience and Management

The pack has been designed to open quick, ease and one movement. It comes in one piece.

Snappd is brandable

Logistics and Safety

Bundled into 250 lots, allowing to transport large volumes, using minimal space.

Snappd saves vasts amount of space when in transportation

Circular Economy

Snappd is fully recyclable and is kind to the environment. For foodstuff it is compostable.

Snappd is recyclable and compostable
Zip Pouch
Sqaure Box Display
Card & Flyer
Plexi Glass Display
Pocket Box
Counter Desk Display
Paper Box

Cost and Environmental Savings

Current Material Types



The packaging material is fully compostable at industrial compost facilities.

  • PBS -Polybutylene succinate
  • METPLA -Metalized PLA
  • NK -Compostable Film
  • INGEO™ -Biopolymer


More than 80% of the packaging is made of renewable resources.

  • PE -Polyethylene
  • ALU -Aluminum
  • PET -Polyethylene terephthalate
  • INGEO™ -Biopolymer


The packaging is made from mono polymer material, which is easy to collect, sort and recycle.

  • PP -Polypropylene
  • EVOH -Ethylene vinyl alcohol

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