Packaging Supply Chain Management

Stockholding can create large costs to your business and have a negative effect on your growth opportunities.


With this in mind, Lifestyle has invested in our Hybrid Packaging Partner (HPP) packaging supply chain model. This helps you to alleviate supply chain pain points. We’re here to ensure that everything runs smoothly and affordably at every point in the packaging supply chain.

We Manage

Lifestyle’s supply chain model is your own packaging and logistics department. We take control of all elements of the packaging supply chain. This ensures quality, consistency and efficiency at every level, with transparency and traceability as standard.

Save Money

We will work with you to accurately forecast your packaging needs and initiate plans to reduce its costs. With facilities strategically located across Europe and the US, we enable you to focus on what matters – the development, enhancement and growth of your business.


Inconsistencies across the global packaging supply chain can prove highly detrimental to a company. Lifestyle’s 55 years of experience eradicates the quality issues you may have suffered in the past. We’ll help you to become an efficient business with a strong packaging supply chain at its core.

We reduce lead times by increasing product inventory within our accredited storage facilities. This allows us to always deliver in full and on time.

Full traceability guarantees supply chain quality, speed and accuracy – eliminating delays, superfluous costs and unnecessary stress.


Contact Us

Lifestyle’s supply chain management is world-leading. We have over 55 years’ worth of experience in designing, manufacturing, sourcing, managing and delivering products on time, in full.

Want to understand how we can increase the speed of your packaging supply chain and reduce your costs? Speak to the Lifestyle Supply Chain Management team today.

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