How Does a Perfume Atomiser Work?

Perfume atomisers are a popular and convenient way of carrying fragrances on the go. But how do they work? Lifestyle Packaging explains…

How does a perfume atomiser work?

Atomisers are specialist mechanisms that mix air and liquid and compress it through a small opening to transform solutions into a fine mist.

Perfume atomisers consist of a bottle with a tube connected to a nozzle, which releases a small amount of fragrance mist when pressed.

When the lid is pressed, pressure pulls liquid out of the bottle and mixes it with air. This aerates the solution into tiny droplets that are light enough to be suspended in the air.

Each spray has the same ratio of oil, alcohol, and water – guaranteeing a consistent smell with every spritz.

How to fill a perfume atomiser

One of the key benefits of perfume atomisers is that they are refillable – allowing for smaller doses of fragrances to be taken on the go instead of carrying large bottles.

To fill a perfume atomiser, the nozzle must be removed so the perfume can be poured into the bottle. After the bottle is filled, the cap must be placed on again and twisted tightly to seal the perfume solution inside and prevent leaks.

Depending on the model, an atomiser may need to be filled by placing the device directly on the tube and then pumping.

Perfume packaging from Lifestyle Packaging

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