What is a Perfume Atomiser?

What is a perfume atomiser?

Perfume atomisers are small refillable bottles that offer a convenient solution for spraying perfume on the go.

Perfume atomisers differ from traditional perfume bottles in that they’re designed to prevent the waste of perfume by reducing the spread of the mist – offering a smaller and more direct spraying area.

This means users apply precious perfume more sparingly while still getting the same level of fragrance.

They are ideal for potent and expensive perfumes and for transporting smaller amounts of perfume from a larger container when you’re on the go.

How does a perfume atomiser work?

Atomisers are specialist mechanisms that mix air and liquid and compress it through a small opening to transform solutions into a fine mist.

Perfume atomisers consist of a bottle with a tube connected to a nozzle, which releases a small amount of fragrance mist when pressed.

When the lid is pressed, pressure pulls liquid out of the bottle and mixes it with air. This aerates the solution into tiny droplets that are light enough to be suspended in the air.

Each spray has the same ratio of oil, alcohol, and water – guaranteeing a consistent smell with every spritz.

How to fill a perfume atomiser

One of the key benefits of perfume atomisers is that they are refillable – allowing for smaller doses of fragrances to be taken on the go instead of carrying large bottles.

To fill a perfume atomiser, the nozzle must be removed so the perfume can be poured into the bottle. After the bottle is filled, the cap must be placed on again and twisted tightly to seal the perfume solution inside and prevent leaks.

Depending on the model, an atomiser may need to be filled by placing the device directly on the tube and then pumping.

What is the history of the perfume atomiser?

The first perfume atomiser was invented by Dr Allen DeVilbiss and produced commercially in 1887. The device was originally used in the medical field to spray medicine into patients’ throats.

Thomas DeVilbiss – the son of Allen DeVilbiss – saw an opportunity to use the technology in the perfume industry. The original perfume atomiser design is still used today.

Following the success of his invention, Dr DeVilbiss opened a factory to manufacture the atomisers in 1890, where over a century later, it would evolve to mass produce compressors, paint sprayers, and medical equipment.

What can atomisers be used for?

Atomisers have a variety of functions, including:

  • Medical functions – Products like inhalers use atomisers to aerate medicines so they can be ingested by inhalation quickly.
  • Industrial products – Common household cleaners, air fresheners and spray paints use atomisers for even coverage and to reduce the quantities of product used.
  • Cosmetics – Personal care products, like hairspray, perfumes and deodorant, use atomisers to preserve the quality of the products, give an even mixture of ingredients with every spray and avoid spills and waste.
  • Vape pens and e-cigarettes – Used alongside an electric coil, that heats the mixture into a gas to be inhaled, an internal atomiser helps to vaporise the liquid inside vape products.

Benefits of perfume atomisers

Atomisers boast a range of benefits when it comes to managing liquid mixtures, including:

  • Reducing waste – Whether it’s perfume or industrial product, concentrating the solution into a fine mist means less is used per spray and users only access the amount they need.
  • Improved safety – Many atomisers come with a twist mechanism to prevent leaks. This keeps the product safe while preventing it from spilling onto other goods or even being accidentally ingested by children.
  • Reusable – Atomisers can be detached and placed on different containers, meaning they can be reused for a new purpose rather than buying new ones, reducing packaging waste.
  • Convenience – Perfume atomisers and containers are made in all shapes and sizes. This means they’re perfect for use in the home or long-haul travel in smaller sizes.

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