How Do Reed Diffusers Work?

In a reed diffuser, liquid (a mixture of oils) is carried up by capilliary action from inside the bottle to the air at the top, where the scent is transferred from inside the reed bottle up to the top of the reed where it diffuses into the air.

This natural process is chosen as a safe and sustainable alternative to candles, releasing vibrant scents into the room whilst being free from flame or source of heat – safe in offices, homes and classrooms.

How much scent is released from your diffuser can be managed by how the reeds in the jar are positioned; typically reed diffusers contain around 12 reeds – more reeds mean a stronger scent is issued. Reeds can be grouped together to limit the amount of diffusion, or spread out to maximise the airflow and increase the amount of scent released.

Using reeds/sticks which are about twice as tall as the jars mean they can distribute the scent well and you can enjoy the refreshing atmosphere.