How Do Reed Diffusers Work?

What is a reed diffuser?

Typically, a reed diffuser is a small, long-necked bottle that’s filled with essential oils. It contains long, thin strips of material – known as reed sticks – that absorb the oils and diffuse the scent around the room.

How Do Reed Diffusers Work?

A mixture of oils – depending on what scent you’re looking for – is poured into a small container. Reed sticks – long, thin strips of rattan wood or synthetic polyamide – are then put into the container also.

In a reed diffuser, the mixture is absorbed into the sticks in a process known as capillary action. When the oils soak into the reeds, it diffuses into the air through evaporation – giving the room its fragrance.

The natural process doesn’t involve harmful aerosols or burning products to create smells, making it a safer and more sustainable alternative to candles and spray cans for classrooms, offices and households.

How to use diffuser reeds

The amount of scent released from your diffuser can be managed by how the reeds are positioned in the jar.

Typically, reed diffusers contain around 12 reeds – more reeds mean more diffusion and a more concentrated scent. However, the more reeds there are, the quicker the oil mixture gets used.

The position of the reeds makes a substantial difference, too. Grouping them together restricts the airflow around the reeds, limiting the diffusion to a smaller area. When spread out, the airflow is maximised, allowing the scent to spread throughout the room.

The length of the reeds also helps with this. Longer reeds catch more air leading to a broader scent diffusion that fills the room more rapidly than shorter ones.

Can I top up my reed diffuser?

It’s very easy to top up a reed diffuser.

Reeds are typically held in sleek, open jars, so filling them up is as simple as choosing the scent you want, pouring in the oil mixture and replacing the old reeds.

Where is the best place to put a reed diffuser?

The best place to put a reed diffuser is where the air is most dynamic.

Placing diffusers in high up, open areas mean it’s better placed to take advantage of the airflow in the room.

However, don’t put it near open windows and doors. Although there will be more convection and airflow to take advantage of, much of the smell will be lost outside.

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