Can Aluminium Lids Be Branded?

Aluminium lids are one option to help reduce the quantity of plastic for a packaging that is more sustainable, many clients ask whether they can be branded to help differentiate from other products on the market. Lifestyle packaging team have written some answers! Read on to find out more…

Aluminium lids are an eco-friendly packaging option for those looking to progress towards zero-plastic packaging. Aluminium lids are available with a range of containers including dropper bottles, ointment jars, and powder jars and readily available from stock in original aluminium silver as shown in the image.

If you are looking to differentiate your product with branded lids, there are a few ways to develop a design to suit your brand. Here we take a closer look at some of the methods available to give you the effect that you want. Minimum order quantity for decorated caps is 30,000 units.

Methods of Branding Aluminium Lids

Choices to brand aluminium lids:

  • Embossing – creating a 3D design with a raised surface
  • Printing – printing lids with the colour or design of your choice
  • Decorating – providing either a metallic or non-metallic finish
  • Colour Coating – lids and bases for colour-coated jars

How It Works

Each method of branding aluminium lids for your product packaging is carried out in a different way and can offer different benefits.

How are Aluminim Lids Embossed?

Embossing and debossing involve having part of the aluminium lid raised or depressed to create a 3D design. It is an effective and cost-effective way to brand your aluminium lids and can be combined with other ways to brand them, such as printing and colour coating. When you want to emboss your lids, you will need to provide high-quality artwork as a template.

There is a one-off tooling cost for your bespoke embossing tool, which can then be used repeatedly when you want to place future orders. The area for embossing is generally up to 6mm inside the outer diameter of the lid. We can help you to make sure your artwork is prepared to the correct standards.

The lead time for embossing aluminium leads is typically 10-12 weeks.

How Are Aluminium Caps Printed?

Aluminium lids can be printed with both metallic and non-metallic colours, with matte and gloss finish options available. You can provide colour targets or have your desired colours matched to Pantone colours to ensure accuracy for your brand. In addition to printing solid colours, it’s also possible to have full designs printed on your aluminium lids for bottles and jars.

What Type of Decoration Can Be Applied to Aluminium Caps?

Decorating your aluminium lids is also possible if you’re looking for a way to add detail to your packaging design. Your aluminium lids can be created with a metallic or non-metallic finish by either printing directly onto the metal or using a white undercoat. Matte and gloss finishes are available too, allowing you to choose a high shine if you want one. Simply provide your artwork for our team and they will work to produce your decorated aluminium lids to your requirements. Minimum order quantities for decorated caps is 30,000 units.

How Can Colour Coating be Applied to Aluminium Caps?

Colour coating your aluminium lids provides a solid colour that you can choose to match your brand colours. Select a Pantone colour to match to or provide a colour match to help us get it right. Colour coated lids can be produced in smaller quantities than fully-decorated aluminium lids.

EPE Lined Aluminium Lids

Our standard production aluminium lids are EPE lined, with a low-density foam core sandwiched between two layers of polyethylene. They’re ideal for packaging creams with their low moisture transmission rate and they are designed to help prevent leaking. These aluminium lids can be made in a range of sizes suitable for dropper bottles, ointment jars, and powder jars. They are available in a range of neck sizes to fit dropper bottles or jar sizes , from 18mm to 100mm diameter. Just match the neck size to your chosen bottle or jar neck size to ensure a perfect fit. They have a rolled edge and knurled rim to complete the design.

Samples of our aluminium lids can be ordered using our unique SpeedSamples sample service. Having confirmed your requirements, our team will arrange delivery within 48 hours within the UK and Europe. Simply request a sample and the bespoke service will ensure the best samples are sent for your needs, enabling you to assess your options and choose which packaging options are best suited for your products. All samples are tracked and followed up to ensure customer satisfaction.

Choose aluminium lids for a customisable packaging option that works with several different bottle and jar designs. These eco-friendly and affordable lids can be customised in a number of ways to meet your requirements.

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