Creative Packaging Designs

What is Creative Packaging?

Creative packaging secures and protects products but with a different approach. It incorporates appealing visual design and unique structural features to create attractive and pragmatic solutions.

Creativity is a vital component of business success. Distinctive designs make a brand memorable to consumers, and handy structural features set them apart from competitors.

It’s this combination that keeps consumers coming back.

What to consider when designing packaging

Putting together packaging for your products is a balancing act. Technical innovations, design choices and colour schemes should push boundaries – but not at the cost of clarity and functionality.

There are several things to consider when manufacturing a creative packaging solution that ticks all the boxes. These include:

Size – Businesses should look at how to make packaging smaller, use fewer materials and be more economically viable in transit while still being eye-catching and attractive.

Mechanical innovations – Businesses should consider how their packaging can make the consumers’ lives easier and how it can be used in conjunction with the product.

Simplicity – Clarity is everything. Information should be clearly displayed and not be hindered by glaring colour schemes, excessive imagery or illegible fonts.

Functionality – Does your packaging still protect products after all the visual and structural design modifications have been made? If it doesn’t, it’s time to rethink.

Environmentally friendly materials – With growing consumer demand for recyclable and biodegradable packaging, businesses should consider the impact of their packaging on global ecosystems.

Examples of creative packaging

The best examples of creative packaging are the simplest ones – that become universally synonymous with a brand and perform their function perfectly.

For example, the McDonald’s happy meal box is known for its practicality, while its “golden arches” handle design makes it iconic packaging worldwide. It ticks all the boxes.

Sometimes, an eye-catching design is best for brand awareness. German sneaker brand, Görtz, sells its shoes in specially designed bags where the handle mimics shoelaces to blend in with the bag’s design.

On the other hand, relatively simple designs are improved with superior function in mind. American washing detergent brand, Tide, developed its eco-box packaging that doubles up as a stand to transform the product into a stand-alone dispenser that can be placed anywhere.

Is it worth investing in creative packaging?

Packaging has the potential to make or break a product – quite literally in how it stores and protects products, as well as appearing eye-catching on store shelves.

For those considering investing in creative packaging products, the benefits include:

Advertising benefits – Attractive packaging catches the eye of consumers – essentially acting as free advertisement.

Ease of use for the consumer – Packaging features – like zip-lock mechanisms and smart lids, for example – make life easier for customers. This increases the likelihood that they’d buy the product again.

Sustainability – Creative packaging is increasingly heading in an environmentally-friendly direction. Because of this, more recyclable and biodegradable options are emerging, helping to slice carbon footprints worldwide.

Cost savings – Eye-catching and efficient packaging not only helps attract new buyers – leading to more product sales – but efficiently-packaged goods also reduce cost-per-item in transport. This slices emissions too!

Brand image – Effective packaging solidifies a brand in consumers’ minds – helping to establish them as a go-to brand.

What does Creative Packaging Communicate?

Creative packaging is the ideal way to communicate messages about the products you sell and the ethos behind your business. For example, does it include an easy-access design to save busy users time? Or is it recyclable and aligned with the business’ green credentials?

A bold, colourful design featuring vibrant images and graphics may appeal to a younger audience. Sleek, modern designs with neutral colours are better suited to adults. Specific colours and patterns are associated with different emotions and styles, meaning brands must design wisely to convey their target message.

The quality of your creative packaging also represents what your customers can expect from your products, as it shows commitment to maintaining high standards of quality across the board.

Creative packaging proves to your audience that you are a modern-thinking business that cares about every aspect of the buying process.

Creative solutions with Lifestyle Packaging

Lifestyle packaging brings your vision to life with creative and functional packaging solutions for all your products.

We work with you to develop packaging solutions that are bespoke to your products – with features designed to keep items safe, offer effortless access for users and include personalised printing and branding options to help them stand out on store shelves.

To find out more about our creative packaging solutions or work with our expert design and manufacturing teams to turn your concept into a market-ready solution, contact us now.

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