Perfume Atomisers

What is a perfume atomiser?

Perfume atomisers are small refillable bottles that offer a convenient solution for spraying perfume while on the go. They’ve become a must have device for those with busy lifestyles, and make a handy beauty investment. Perfume atomisers are distinct from traditional perfume bottles as they are designed to prevent the waste, spillage, and evaporation of perfume through emitting a light misting of fragrance in the desired spot, rather than a wide area such as a room. This means that the user has much more control of the area in which they wish for the perfume to be sprayed, and the perfume itself can last longer through the spraying of smaller amounts of product. Additionally, perfume atomisers can prevent perfume from accidentally clinging to skin, fingers, clothing, and surfaces within the home. 

Perfume atomisers are ideal to purchase for expensive perfumes, strong perfumes, for purposes of travel, or for when perfume bottles are too large to carry in public, for example while at work. Atomisers are designed in an array of colours and styles to suit your needs and personal preferences, including portable atomisers and pump atomisers, as well as varying sizes to save space in bags or purses and allow for a portable device.

 How does a perfume atomiser work?

 Through mixing oxygen and liquid, atomisers are able to transform liquids into a fine mist which is perfect for accurate fragrance application. Perfume atomisers consist of a bottle with a tube that is connected to a nozzle which immediately releases a small amount of fragrance mist when it is pressed. To fill a perfume atomiser, the nozzle must be removed so that the perfume can be poured into the bottle. After the bottle is filled, the cap must be placed on again. Dependent on the model, an atomiser may need to be filled through placing the device directly on the tube and then pumping. 

 What can atomisers be used for? 

 Atomizers have a variety of functions including for the usage of cosmetics, household products such as hairspray, and industrial products such as spray paint and cleaners, as well as e-cigarettes and vapes.  It is important to note that atomisers are highly flammable and should not be used near cigarettes, space heaters or open flames. They may also cause eye irritation depending on the ingredients that are used, such as alcohol. 

 What is the history of the perfume atomiser?

The first perfume atomiser was invented by Dr. Allen DeVilbiss, who produced the first atomiser in 1887 who utilised the device to spray medicine onto his patient’s throats. This was later adapted to atomise perfume by his son Thomas DeVilbiss. The classic perfume atomiser that used a squeeze bulb is still used today. Following the success of his invention, Dr. DeVilbiss opened a factory to manufacture the atomisers in 1890, where over a century later it would produce compressors, paint sprayers, and medical equipment.