Quality Control

We have a Quality Control team who cares, understands the needs and requirements of a range of industries. Our quality team ensure that our environment in which we design, manufacture and supply is at optimum standard – we work to an international standard of ISO 15378.


The team drives standards throughout the company, from GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to committing the business to be leaders in setting environmental standards – ISO 14001.

The commitment from the business is to support strong outcomes for our clients. Stemming from our sister company Origin Pharma Packaging, Lifestyle works to pharmaceutical standards in our manufacturing, storage and fulfilment. We set objectives alongside the growth of our clients and continually improve our practices, standards an upkeep so that we our products and deliverables remain at the highest standard possible.

Would You Like to Visit?

Want to take a look at how we maintain the healthiest of standards?
Understand how our quality departments drives best practices and process throughout the business?

We encourage you to come and visit our Head Office to witness, first-hand our quality driven process and day-to-day delivery of market leading packaging.

We understand that the end-user in the marketplace is the most important stakeholder in the supply chain. So we have implemented a continuous improvement programme which encourages feedback, suggestions from all stakeholders to ensure the strongest, quality driven product. Come and see for yourself.

Documentation Request

Certification is a vital component to our quality programme. We therefore ensure that all our products are certified and you have access to the following (upon request):

  • Questionnaires
  • Quality Certificates
  • Supporting QMS Documentation
  • Certificates of Conformance
  • Certificates of Analysis, Product Drawings
  • Product Specification
  • Product Compliance

Quality Assurance / Accreditations


Downloadable Accreditations

* The environment and sustainability are important to Origin.

Whilst we have taken the decision to allow our ISO 14001 certification to lapse in Sept 2021. We have retained our policy and continue to work on a number of key initiatives and projects:

  • Saving over 18tonnes of paper weight reduction in bags
  • Investing in a R&D programme to increase PCR content within a number if our ranges (bottles)

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