What does GL18 mean?

30th July 2021

This month we take a closer look at one of the most popular neck styles used in Lifestyle Packaging range.

You may have come across GL18 caps, but what are they? Unravelling some jargon in the world of packaging…

GL18 is the French version of the German DIN neck finish. It is the standard neck size and finish for dropper bottles.

Due to the height and diameter of the neck finish being standardized, there is a wide variety of caps and dispensers available that are compatible with the GL18 next finish.

GL18 caps and dispensers can include integral droppers, popular choice for essential oils, and pipette droppers.

These closures can include tamper-evidence or child-resistance functionality, useful for more potent or high-concentrate products.

Aluminium GL18 caps are a solution for brands looking to hold a strong sustainability image, making the full pack recyclable.

Bottles with GL18 neck include:

Glass Bottles:

Plastic Bottles:

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